Is it a cold? No, it is a computer virus.

How many times did you yell at you computer because it behaved odd?
Now, how many times did you notice some new programs or toolbars or add-ons?
Well folks, it looks like you might have a virus. Your PC might be sick :(

                 In order to proceed with the story, let's define computer virus. Similar to any disease virus, computer virus is designed to spread all around from host to host, and even worse – it replicates itself. Be aware that computer virus can not reproduce and spread without an according programming in form of a file or a document. If you want a more techy explanation – than computer virus is a malicious code or a program written with the purpose to alter the way your computer works and is designed to spread from one computer to another.

History has recorded some serious viruses that really shook the entire world, so let me just give you an example of few:
  • ILOVEYOU: This virus was created by two Filipino programers. The attachement that was sent was named ILOVEYOU which made a lot of users to click on it. The Windwos would then become unbootable. It became so bad, that governments and corporations took their mailing system offline to prevent the further infection.
  • Code Red: Code Red was active in 2001 when the worm (virus) targeted computers with Microsoft IIS web server. Once infected, it would replicate itself in several hunderd of copies, but due to the bug in programming it even replicated more, which end up in „eating“ a lot of system recourses. After that it would launch a denial of service attack on several IP addresses  (White House was one of them). Total 1-2 million servers were affected causing $2 bilion cost of lost in productivity.
  • CryptoLocker: This virus used several methods for spreading, and once the PC would be infected, it would proceed to encrypt files on the hard drive. Even though it was easy to remove this virus from the computer, the files would remain crypted and the only way to unlock was topay a ransom by a deadline ($400 dollars). If you wouldn't pay by the deadline, the ransom would increase or the decryption keys would be deleted.

But, how did I get a computer virus?

Well, most efficient way is through e-mail, text messages, social networks and downloads. Next time you get an e-mail from sender that is not in your mailing list, think twice before opening the attachment. However, the sender can be somebody from your mailing list that you contact often, but you gotta ask yourself – „Why is he sending me an e-mail with this super-shady subject and an attachment that has some random generic name?“

I'm pretty sure all of us received some random Facebook message from a friend saying „I can't believe somebody posted a video of you: XXXXXXXXXXXX (link)“.
For the love of Internet, please don't click on that link. Even better, delete the message and warn your friend he has some suspicious behaving on his account.


Well kids, the first rule of safe sex is: „Always use protection!“
The very same rule applies here – antivirus program! There are a lot of free ones that are really good like:
There are also ones for which you need some cash like (pretty sure all of the above can be paid too, like upgrading to the full and maximum protection):

At home, we use ESET NOD32, but I also tried AVG and Avast and all of them did a pretty good job (never had any serious troubles with viruses)!
                Most of these programs have a feature to run a check of your PC to find any hidden viruses and to clean them immediately – beware that might include deleting some of your files which are infected. If not even that is enough, you might wanna consider taking your PC to an authorized service provider to clean it or even to install new OS from scratch.

Oh, and next time your OS gives you a message to update - don't ignore it, because you're putting yourself at risk. Most of the OS update are security patches, that would protect your computer from the vicious attackers to use a bug or an oversight to launch their virus programs.

What are your thoughts on this topic - is your computer protected or are you living on the edge, walking freely without any protection? Love your computer - protect that little thingy!

Maintenance time! #BrowserEdition

Dear ladies... and lads,

The time has come for you to do your monthly maintenance. Nooooo, I don't mean that maintenance, I mean..

It's time to clean the junk out of your trunk. In translation, it's time to start cleaning your PC/laptop. Don't tell me you've never done it before!

Okay, if we assume, you haven't done it before, allow me to present you how to do it. It is very simple and you don't have to be a "techie" or a "hacker" to give your precious baby a nice, clean 'bath' every once in a while.

Cleaning your browser!

Trust me, you are not aware of junk quantity on the web these days. You are using your browser daily, for several hours, jumping from dozens of pages to another dozen. Somewhere on your PC, all of these small data is stored for the future use - but you don't need them really. So, here's how to clean up your browser in few small steps.

First I will cover Chrome browser, then Firefox and lastly Microsoft Edge (Internet Explorer).

Step 1 - Find your settings :)

Clicking on three dots right next to your address bar will open the following menu:

Step 2
In the following menu, click on Settings, and then scroll to the bottom and click on the last option "Show advanced settings.."
Look for Privacy section where you will have two buttons. Don't worry we'll use both of them, one step at the time. First click on "Clear browsing data.."

Choose the period from which you want to delete browsing data, for better performance choose: "The last 4 weeks", tick the checkboxes as below if already aren't ticked and click on "Clear browsing data".

You are now back at the basic Privacy settings - now click on Content settings. You can see that the first option is recommended, however, if you don't want your data to be stored all the time choose the second option. For web pages that you visit often you can click on "Manage exceptions.." button below and enter web addresses that you visit often (example:

Okay there you go, you settled Chrome, let's move on to Firefox now:
Again, step 1 - finding your settings:

Click on the three lines that represent a menu icon, once clicked you should have this:

Next thing you want to do, is click on options as presented in the picture above. Once clicked, a whole new page will open, and on the left side you will see the main menu for navigating between your sections, click on Privacy as shown below:

Now, since I use Firefox all the time, I keep my browsing and download history, as well as search and form history remembered, but you don't have to, nothing bad will happen - you can untick those boxes if you want to. Make sure that the option "Accept third-party cookies" is set to From visited, and for better performance in the menu below choose the option "I close Firefox".
Let's now move on to the next part, on the left side of your window click on the Advanced tab:

Here you can see I have 350 MB of cached content from the web that is most likely completely irrelevant. Click on the button "Clear now" right next to it.

We are done with Firefox, moving to the last for today - Internet Explorer (Edge)

Your settings are riiiight here:

When you click on it, you should see the following:

Click on Settings and in the same menu will appear the settings you can edit immediately. First you scroll to the bottom of the menu and find the option "View advanced settings" and click on it (see below image):

Once you click on the button, yet another menu will replace, the current one, again, you should scroll to the bottom of the menu to find Cookies section. If you choose the option "Block all cookies", every time you visit a page, you will have to allow cookies (usually in the footer or header of the page).

Also, make sure the option "Use page prediction to speed up browsing..." is ON, as that would definitely improve your browsing experience. Once you're done with these settings go back (see below image) with the back option:

You are once again, back on the first menu page, click on the button "Choose what to clear" (see below image):

Tick the first three, or the first four, depending on your preference, and click the button "Clear". If you want it to be cleared every time you close your browser, make sure you turn ON that option, just below the button.

Here you go, few advice for your browser optimization, to start a fresh, new and clean 2017.!

Wishing you all the best in the New Year!

Let me know if this post was helpful for you or do you have some other maintenance advice that you use for your browser. :)

Full-Girly gadgets

Justice for girly gadgets! Yes, that's right - there are thousands of different gadgets for both males and females out there.
But wait, let me first define the word gadget.

"A gadget is a small tool such as a machine that has a particular function, but is often thought of as a novelty."

Gadgets are for every type of a woman indeed, not just the geeky ones - although geeketes all around the world know their stuff. However, these are excellent gift choices for any kind of occasion. 
Here I bring you 5 fully girly gadgets to turn your world upside down:

Bellabeat brand coming from Croatian-Slovenian couple has re-invented the concept of healthy living. Their gadgets, Leafs are beautifully designed piece of jewellery mostly for women. Whether you are an athlete type trying to keep up with your exercise stats, or you are a business woman trying to improve your lifestyle - these Leafs are for you. With the electronic set in their gadgets, Leafs are sending data towards the app on your smartphone so you can access them any time of the day.

Imagine this - early morning, you barely dragged yourself to work, making yourself liquid black gold, so called coffee. You come into your office, realize you're stuffed with work, and you barely touch your coffee, that is slowly cooling on your desk. Sounds pretty familiar?
Well, with this adorable mug warmer, that will no longer be the case. This mug warmer is attached to your PC/MAC/laptop through USB and will keep your coffee warm until forever!

 Not only that it is super convenient when your battery runs out, it also looks way too cool and is definitely not the standard charger. This Starbucks portable charger will freshen up your work surrounding but try not to confuse your real Starbucks cup with the phone charger! :)


Why would you even bother buying a regular watch, when nowadays you can buy smartwatch? Not only that, 1st gen smartwatches were, UG-LY. They looked really futuristic and gave the impression as they were made for secret agents. Things have changed, and you can now wear a beautiful smartwatch by Motorola that can be both a statement jewellery and yet another gadget in your life.

I mean, why wouldn't you want that in your life? All your Instagram pictures can now be printed at the very same second! Just as Kim K has made her Instagram photobook (erm, yeah, she DID THAT) so can you now! The plus side is that is it also pink! :)

So guys and gals, let me know what you think! I'm actually quite curious to hear the impressions of the gadgets if somebody has already tried the. I already have my plain boring mug warmer, but what about you?
Let me know what you think in the comments!
All the best in the upcoming holiday season! :*