IT Chick who?

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IT Chick is just regular (still) student girl from Croatia. Somehow she ended up in this massive IT world. IT wasn’t easy, still isn’t. Ever since she was a kid, her father made her do the dirty work in IT – putting PC back together, break them apart etc.
Since she already started her studies in the best IT college in Croatia, she thought; “Nah what the heck, let’s give it a go!” Today she is still struggling with this fancy IT words and phrases, specially when speaking to developers..
-“Hey, so the new framework has been set up, you should just take a look at the code, somewhere around unions and joins I have an error, but I think it’s the wrong method, maybe I should try inserting  another IF. Anyhow, the patch will be pushed and committed tonight so..
-“I said..”
-“No pls, stahp, I just can’t.”
Something like that (much more data included) happens every day. Developers are special kind of people, and you should talk to the only if they approach you first while the coffee is already drunk.
To sum up, this IT chick is somewhere here in this mess of IT trying to be good at what she does (pretty much nothing but hey!). IT chick really much like startups and gadgets, plain IT topics and gaming.
Stay tuned for more IT related casual topics, to get involved in IT if you already haven’t. Or if you are, stay here to chuckle from time to time. Cheers!