Snakes in a shiny but brutal way –

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On Thursday mornings, IT Chick has to go to college (obligatory) to see how to do PHP. Somewhere in the middle of the class, I was kinda lost and I couldn’t actually follow the lecture anymore. I couldn’t just leave the classroom, so I studied the browsing history. :3 (kinky)

Anyhow, I found this browser MMO (massive multiplayer online – which means A LOT of people are playing at the very same moment as you are) game called I’ve been told it’s much alike to which honestly, I have never heard of. Basically, it’s a snake game with a lot of shiny stuff to eat. So let me do something here for ya, gameplay. PAM PAM PAM!
Have you tried the already? Did you like it? Let me know your if you have any tips and tricks in the comments!
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