8 great advices for your startup business!

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We've all been there -  in that fantasy world where you came up with the crazy AF new idea that people would adore. In fact, you wonder how come never thought of that before, like IKR?
They probably did, but you didn't googled it enough (there's a whole lot of Internet, after page 1 on Google!).

So, you read about this young people, that earned bunch a lot of money just by pitching their idea, that is way not as good as your is, but still they got through. Why them and not you?

It's actually simple as that.

These people invested their EVERYTHING into that idea! That idea / product / project / whatever is not as new as it looks like. This idea started way back and it took time, money, social life to get this shit together to look the way it looks now.

Do you even know how to start?

1. You need to have this idea in the mind - and you have to know how to realize it.
Furthermore, you need to realize, you can't do it yourself. You need other people, because most probably you're not the expert in all the fields - so you need other experts around yourself.

2. Focus on a killer-feature!
Of course you want your project to be all that but honestly, that's not what buyers want. You need to have space for a future development, because if you give all the shine to people, people would want more, and you already stopped shining. Focus on your core business, and a little bit of features aside.

3. Plan your duties - project management!
As said before, you can't just do it yourself. Engage in the project, see what activities should be done and delegate it to your team.

4. Are you done?
Well are you? You most likely aren't. There will be fights between you and your team, and deadlines that are being broken, and whole lots of stuff. Before breaking up, let's just sit for a while and think why you are all here in the first place.

5. Getting there!
Once your project / product is almost done, you can start looking for competitions, conferences, blogs, and any kind of activity that can get you some exposure! Apply for anything basically, specially those which offer money for winning. Money is always good, isn't it?

6. Work, work, work!
Work on your project and work on yourself. Your presentation skills ain't just gonna fall of the sky. If there something on your project that isn't done yet, work on explaining that to the people. Work on the mission and vision of your project that will present to people what you do in the most easiest way ever.

7. Win something, lose something :/
Don't expect to be the greatest from the very beginning, you gotta work for it. If your project is anyhow IT related, you will be crushed at the beginning. There is just so much on the market that your something can't be that good that it isn't already launched. Engage your personal story and connect it on a business level to get sympathy of the folks.

8. Go with the wind.
Depending on the situation, just go with the flow. You'll see how the things go now, if they don't try to speak to yourself and see if it is worth to continue with work any longer. If things are going good, make them better, finalize your product, get yourself some customers and enjoy in being a boss now.

In the end, you can just ignore all of these above, and think yourself a whole new plan. The thing is, if you truly believe in your product, you will succeed. If you work hard AF, you will succeed. Don't give up easily, do your best and enjoy the experience.

Are there any startups over here? I'd love to hear your idea and present it to the world!

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11. srpnja 2016. u 18:00 delete

Lots of wisdom here. There is so much more to it than just having a good idea! #BlogShareLearn

Roastah Doe
11. srpnja 2016. u 23:52 delete

I agree Cathy! Then again, everything begins with a spark, so does the startup start with a good idea!