LinkedIn Douche?

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Social networks today are something we can not live without. Hell, this blog wouldn't be here without them. We've got Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, G+, Tumblr and many more. These are all kinda personal social networks on which you can post basically whatever you like.
Family photos? Sure, why not. Pets? Yup, them too, they're adorable. Your food - of course, that's so in right now. As said, you can post whatever you like. But then we have LinkedIn.

LinkedIn started in 2002 as a completely business-oriented social network to be used for professional networking. Your profile on LinkedIn is basically your online CV. All of your LinkedIn connections can see your education, certificates, skills that somebody else endorsed you for etc.
As any other social networking site, it is a great marketing tool. But how to use it?
I've been seeing a lot of users treating LinkedIn as it is their personal Facebook profile. That's wrong, so wrong.
Here are few tips to avoid being a LinkedIn douche that nobody likes.
  1. Put a decent, nice looking profile picture. Avoid putting company logos, pictures from a party, where you don't look yourself. Avoid selfies that you would normally put on Instagram. Use a HQ photo, that shows your upper part of the torso.
  2. Fill your LinkedIn job history with relevant jobs and one that you are proud of, where you actually learned useful stuff. If you were a newspaper boy for years - that is something that is not to be published on LinkedIn.
  3. LinkedIn updates should be business oriented. Do not post pictures of your family time in Disneyland or pictures with funny riddles just to gain some engagement. If you are going to post something - it should be an article business related, on a specific topic (Kim K is not a specific topic), pictures should be from business conferences, or successful deals etc.
  4. Do not add people that you don't know or never have heard of their company. If you're building e-mailing list, you do it on a completely different way.
  5. The thing that goes on the nerves (not just to me, but everybody) is pitching your offer in inbox as soon as you're accepted as a connection.
  6. And last but not least - self promotion! Yeah you should do it, that's what you're here fore actually. But be careful with it, you might wanna use it in the matters of introducing new feature on the market and just by accident - you happen to have it! :)
Hey, don't be so upset, there are thing that you should do on LinkedIn often. ;)
  1. Update your profile on regular basis. If you got a new job position - good for you! Update it on LinkedIn! 
  2. Update your company LinkedIn as well. You started with 50 employees, and now you have more than 200? WOW! That is something to be updated - just to make sure that everybody sees you're doing a hell of a job.
  3. Engage in group discussions that are relevant for you. Yeah mostly what you are going to get are sales pitches but this can be look as a good thing. You're getting to know the market, offers on the market, and most important - your competition.
Based on all of this, if you are following most of these rules - you are not a LinkedIn douche. If these rules do not apply to you - you gotta stop there for a minute and think what the hell are you doing on LinkedIn? Stop being a LinkedIn douche!